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Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

- in respect and honour to all victims, and those who dared to stand up for them -
One opened, more to come! Operation CLAMBAKE


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Scientology in Belgium raided!

    Summarizes the most significant postings from the usenet group alt.religion.scientology for the preceding week.
  • The Attack Against ARS
    The usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology has been under attack from the Scientology "church" since the newsgroup's inception. Over the past three or so years, this attack has taken a few different forms.
  • What can you do?
    Host a banner, write the Attorney General, picket, spread leaflets, debate, donate, and other suggestions how you can help.
  • The XENU Leaflet
    Consider using this leaflet against CoS. Available in several languages.
  • PROJECT: The Disk Light Version NOW VERSION 2.0!
    A project to produce a light version of Operation Clambake to be distributed on one floppy disk.


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The Picket Central


A Second Opinion!
Since this site was conceived Scientologists have been invited to add their opinions. This symbol links to such comments - when they exist.

  • Scientology & Totalitarianism
    A very well argued and documented senior thesis looking at Scientology in terms of the totalitarian ideological model.
  • Scientology vs. Orwell's 1984 NEW!
    A former Scientologist compares the disturbing parallels between the book "1984" by George Orwell and Scientology.
  • Scientology Audited FOR THE PRESS
    An archive of critical research into Scientology. A must read.
  • Scientology's Secret Service
    CoS has since 1955 organised systematic intelligence activities, including on occasions bugging, burglary, forgery, framing, infiltration and intimidation.
  • ScenioSitter
    Read how cult members must accept extensive censoring for them to get "the freedom to access internet"!
  • How many Scientologists are there? FOR THE PRESS
    Some comments to the claim from CoS that they have 8 million members. Critics suspect they are about 50,000 worldwide.
  • Scientology Photo Album
    Put some faces on the names inside CoS, see where the money goes and where it came from.
  • Hubbard and Clearwater
    Secret telexes from Hubbard to FSO in Clearwater. "The top tech org on the planet" was actually a mess per Hubbard's telexes.
  • Made for Propaganda
    CoS compares Germany today with how the 3rd Reich treated Jews. Let us see how Scientology compares to Nazism.
  • Just like Hitler and Stalin
    An example of how CoS tries to edit history.
  • The Scientology Homepage
    Take a look at how COS presents itself. Read both sides, form your own opinion, then ask why Scientologists don't dare linking to this page.



  • Enemy Names FOR THE PRESS
    Who are the enemies of Scientology, how are they identified and what does the Church of Scientology plan to do with them? Here are the secret policy letters telling everything!
  • The H Files
    Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act we now have access to over 600 files the FBI has on L. Ron Hubbard.
  • Piercing the Corporate Veil
    How Scientology defrauded the IRS through an elaborate corporate shell game.
  • Robert S. Minton's Fight Against Co$
    Archive of internet material relating the battle of Robert Minton against CoS' mind control and criminality! Media, essays and responses to Scientology terrorism.
  • Operation Foot Bullet
    Despite the "fantastic" technology developed by Hubbard, Scientologists somehow end up messing everything up.
  • The Picket Central NEW!
    Post, suggest and ask about pickets against Scientology worldwide.
  • Dead Agenting on the Net
    "Scientology Parishioners Committee" (SPC) have put up a web site with Dead Agent packs on Scientology critics. See how Scientology responds to criticism.
  • Scientology vs. Germany FOR THE PRESS
    CoS claims "human rights abuses against Scientologists in Germany". Take a look at reality according to the Germans.
  • Greece Uncovers Scientology
    Scientology has been thrown out of Greece! Some of the secret communication inside the cult was discovered when the greek police raided their offices.









  • "A Piece of Blue Sky" NEW!
    The book that the cult tried to remove from amazon.com, now available on the net!
  • "Bare-Faced Messiah" FOR THE PRESS
    This is an electronic version of Russell Miller's very interesting book "Bare-Faced Messiah".
  • "The Hubbard is Bare"
    Is Scientology and Dianetcs really science, and did Hubbard rip off some of his ideas instead of discovering them?
  • "The Road to Xenu"
    A narrative account of life in Scientology.
  • "My Nine Lives in Scientology"
    Personal account from the inside of the cult.
  • "The Total Freedom Trap"
    A highly-recommended book by Jon Atack.
  • "The Scandal of Scientology" FOR THE PRESS NEW!
    Paulette Cooper's book; she was victim of the worst Dead Agenting attacks by the Church of Scientology ever. At least the worst we are aware of today...
  • Scientology Booklist FOR THE PRESS
    Lists all known books about, or mentioning Dianetics or Scientology. Includes books on therapy, recovery, exit-counselling, brainwashing, thought reform, mind control, cults and more.



  • Cult Information Centre
    CIC is concerned about the use of deceptive and manipulative methods used by cults to recruit and indoctrinate unsuspecting members of society.
  • AFF Cult Group Information
    Information about cults, cultic groups and psychological manipulation.
  • FACTNet International
    Fight Against Coercive Tactics NETwork is a nonprofit information archive, news provider, and referral service protecting freedom of mind from harms caused by mind control and cults.
  • Dialog Center International
    A Christian organization with the famous cult expert dr. Johannes Aagaard as president. Regarded as a big enemy by CoS.
  • FreeZone America
    Freezone is a loose affiliation of people who still believe in some of the ideas of Scientology auditing procedures, but who have left the formal structure of the cult in a type of Scientology reformation.
  • More links on Scientology
    The most extensive list of links regarding Scientology.



I, Andreas Heldal-Lund, am alone responsible for Operation Clambake. I speak only my own personal opinions. Images and text on this site made by me are donated to the public domain and critics of CoS are free to use it if credits are given. Pick up the stick! A special thank goes to all contributors, credits are placed where due except when authors have request anonymity. Dianetics and Scientology are trademarks of the Religious Technology Centre (RTC). These pages and their author are not connected with RTC, or any others organization residing under RTC's corporate umbrella.