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Since this page still receives a fair amount of traffic, I'm often using it to advertise political causes which I feel are important. Please support political reform in the US with your money and your votes.

IANS Superceded by Newer, Better Maintained Tools

Occasionally, I still get messages about the anti-censorware proxy, either from folks trying to use my proxy (it's been offline for years now) or folks trying to set up their own proxy using my software. For most folks who want to run a proxy it is advisable to use a more complete, updated, and actively maintained tool such as CGIProxy instead of the old IANS proxy software. If you're on a Windows PC, the nice folks at Peacefire provide a Circumventor Program which will automatically install CGIProxy and handle many of the configration details to get you up and running quickly.

For folks in censored areas without a friend on the outside, you might also want to consider using a network such as Tor, which will get you through most basic firewall based censorship and helps shield your identity from remote sites.

For historical reasons, the old version of this page has been archived here.

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