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The CueCat project is a concerted effort to support and make use of the :Cue:C.A.T.[tm] barcode reader under the Linux operating system.

DigitalConvergence Corp. are the makers of the device and graciously give it away for free to anyone who asks for one, or through their business partners, such as RadioShack, Forbes and many others.

Why are we doing the CueCat project ? DigitalConvergence's software, called C.R.Q.[tm], only runs under the Windows operating system. But we wish to take advantage of this fine device under our favorite operating system, Linux. Moreover, we recognize the enormous potential of this device for applications other than what the C.R.Q.[tm] software currently does, so we decided to implement them as well.

Software resources :

  • CueCat driver, by Pierre-Philippe Coupard
  • FooCat BarCode, by Michael Rothwell
  • Perl decoder, by D. Scott Barninger

    Developer resources :

  • The barcode mailing list, maintained by Chuck Wolber
  • Online barcode generator

    Links :

  • UScan Bar Code Scanning system
  • Excellent descriptions of various barcodes
  • Other page with excellent descriptions of various barcodes
  • EAN prefixes by country
  • A Web Of Information About Bar Code
  • Colin Cross' decoding perl script
  • Taral's homepage

  • Online UPC-A and UPC-E product database (good !)
  • Universal directory of Commercial Items
  • ISBN book search at Barnes & Noble's site
  • Fedex tracking
  • UPS tracking

  • DigitalConvergence Corp.
  • Cue:C.A.T.[tm] information at RadioShack's site

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    :Cue:C.A.T. and C.R.Q. are trademarks of DigitalConvergence Corp.